Russ Fox (Instructor)


Russ is a class “A” member of the PGA and a native of Buffalo, New York. Russ’s golf and sporting goods career began in Hickory, North Carolina in 1976. By 1995 his business concentrated exclusively in golf at the green grass and on course level. With three grown children, Russ was now able to concentrate on his first love, teaching golf. Following Class A PGA certification and club professional stops in Western New York and North Carolina, Russ moved to Tennessee in 2009 as the PGA Professional for Golf Galaxy in Nashville. In 2012, Russ had the opportunity to join the Harpeth Valley Golf Center teach staff, and the dream job continues.  Russ always felt that golf is a “journey” not a “destination”. With this in mind, he encourages his students to remember that no one ever perfects the game of golf but rather strives to build their game to the best if their ability. His teaching philosophy holds the students responsible for reaching attainable goals provided they great proper and meaningful instruction. Lessons are structured around the students desires,strengths,and abilities. Russ would be honored to work with you on your golf journey!

Russ Fox Instruction Rates

Individual 1 Hour Lesson $75.00

3 Lesson Package (1 Hour Lesson) $210.00

5 Lesson Package (1 Hour Lessons) $325.00

10 Lesson Package (1 Hour Lessons) $625.00

Group of 2 (Per Student Per Hour) $45.00

Group of 3 (Per Student Per Hour) $32.00

Group of 4 (Per Student Per Hour) $27.00

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