Bill Breen (Instructor)


Bill Breen is a class “A” member of the PGA with a golf career that spans more than 30 years as both a player and a coach. He has played since the age of seven, continuing through college and then onto Florida where he worked as a golf professional for 20 years. In his career Bill has given more than 15,000 lessons.

Bill has a personable and engaging style of teaching, making it possible for students at all levels to improve their game and have more fun on the course. He has several students who have earned college scholarships, including amateur golfers who have won their amateur and club championship events. Bill is a highly accomplished player, he won the Tennessee State Open in 2013 and qualified for the US Senior Open in 2013 Bill holds many tournament wins from his time sent in Florida. Bill is a rare combination of player, coach, and mentor. For him,the most rewarding moment is when he see the look his student’s faces when they get up in the air for the first time. In his words “It’s a priceless moment”

Bill Breen Instruction Rates

Individual 1 Hour Lesson $95.00

3 Lesson Package (1 Hour Lesson) $270.00

5 Lesson Package (1 Hour Lessons) $425.00

10 Lesson Package (1 Hour Lessons) $825.00

Group of 2 (Per Student Per Hour) $55.00

Group of 3 (Per Student Per Hour) $40.00

Group of 4 (Per Student Per Hour) $35.00

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